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''For antibiotics by organism see [[Microbiology (Main)]]''
{{Antibiotics by diagnosis navigation}}

=Bone and Joint=
==See Also==
==[[Diskitis]] or [[Osteomyelitis]]==
{{Antibiotics Discitis-Vertebral Osteomyelitis}}
==[[Infectious Tenosynovitis]]==
{{Infectious Tenosynovitis Antibiotics}}
==[[Open fracture]]==
{{Antibiotics Open Fracture}}
{{Osteomyelitis Antibiotics}}
==[[Septic Arthritis]]==
{{Septic Arthritis Antibiotics}}
==[[Septic Bursitis]]==
{{Septic Bursitis Antibiotics}}
{{Endocarditis Empiric Antibiotics}}
{{Newborn Conjunctivitis Treatment}}
{{GC Conjunctivitis Treatment}}
{{Bacterial Conjunctivitis Treatment}}
{{Epiglottitis Antibiotics}}
==[[Dental Abscess]]==
{{Dental Abscess Antibiotics}}
==[[Ludwig's Angina]]==
{{Ludwig's Antibiotics}}
{{Mastoiditis Antibiotics}}
==[[Trench Mouth (Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis)]]==
{{ANUG Antibiotics}}
==[[Otitis Media]]==
{{Otitis Media Antibiotics}}
==[[Otitis Externa]]==
{{Otitis Externa Antibiotics}}
==[[Streptococcal Pharyngitis]]==
{{Streptococcal Pharyngitis Antibiotics}}
==[[Periorbital Cellulitis]]==
{{Periorbital Cellulitis Antibiotics}}
==[[Peritonsillar Abscess]]==
{{PTA Antibiotics}}
{{Pertussis Antibiotics}}
==[[Suppurative Parotitis]]==
{{Suppurative Parotitis Antibiotics}}
{{Thrush Antifungals}}
==[[Corneal Abrasion]]==
{{Corneal Abrasion Antibiotics}}
==[[Orbital Cellulitis]]==
{{Orbital Cellulitis Antibiotics}}
{{Appendicitis Antibiotics}}
{{Cholecystitis Antibiotics}}
==[[Clostridium Difficile]]==
===Moderate Infection===
{{Moderate Cdiff Antibiotics}}
===Serous Infection===
{{Severe Cdiff Antibiotics}}
{{Uncomplicated Diverticulitis Antibiotics}}
{{Complicated Diverticulitis Antibiotics}}
{{Peritonitis Antibiotics}}
==Infectious [[Diarrhea]]==
===[[Campylobacter jejuni]]===
{{Campylobacter antibiotics}}
===[[Amebiasis|Entamoeba Histolytica]]===
{{Entamoeba diarrhea antibiotics}}
===[[Giardia lamblia]]===
{{Giardia antibiotics}}
{{Microsporidium antibiotics}}
{{Cryptosporidium diarrhea antibiotics}}
===[[Salmonella]] (non typhoid)===
{{Salmonella diarrhea antibiotics}}
{{Shigella diarrhea antibiotics}}
===[[Cholera|Vibrio Cholerae]]===
{{Vibrio cholerae antibiotics}}
===[[Amebiasis|Yersinia enterocolitica]]===
{{Yersiniae enterocolitica antibiotics}}
==[[Traveler's Diarrhea]]==
'''Options for Adults:'''
{{Travelers Diarrhea Antibiotics}}
==[[Typhoid Fever]]==
{{Typhoid Antibiotics}}
==[[Candidiasis Treatment]]==
{{Candidiasis Treatment}}
{{Balanoposthitis Antimicrobial}}
{{Epididymitis antibiotics}}
{{Cervicitis Urethritis Antibiotics}}
==[[Acute cystitis]]==
{{Acute cystitis antibiotics}}
==[[Bacterial Vaginosis]]==
{{BV Antibiotics}}
{{Prostatitis antibiotics}}
{{Pyelonephritis antibiotics}}
==[[Lymphogranuloma venereum]]==
{{LGV antibiotics}}
{{Herpes antiviral treatment}}
===Early Stage===
This is classified as primary, secondary, and early latent syphilis less than one year.
Treatment Options:
{{Early Syphilis Treatment}}
===Late Stage===
Late stage is greater than one year duration, presence of gummas, or cardiovascular disease
Treatment Options:
{{Late Syphilis Treatment}}
There are 3 Major options with none showing greater efficacy than others:
{{Neurosyphilis Treatment }}
*Desensitization to the penicillin allergy is still the preferred method of treatment for patients with early and late stage disease (especially during pregnancy)
*Penicillin, dosage depends on stage <ref>Mackay G. Chapter 43. Sexually Transmitted Diseases & Pelvic Infections. In:DeCherney AH, Nathan L, Laufer N, Roman AS. eds. CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment: Obstetrics & Gynecology, 11e. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill; 2013</ref>
==[[Bell's Palsy]]==
{{Bell's palsy Treatment}}
{{Encephalitis Treatment}}
==[[Epidural Abscess]]==
{{Epidural Abscess Treatment}}
{{Meningitis Antibiotics}}
==[[Tetanus (Acute)|Tetanus]]==
{{Tetanus Antibiotics Adults}}
{{Metronidazole Weight Based}}
==[[Postpartum endometritis|Endometritis]]==
{{Endometritis Antibiotics}}
{{PID antibiotics}}
{{Pneumonia Antibiotics}}
=Skin and Soft Tissue=
==[[Cellulitis]]/Superficial [[Abscess]]==
[[Bactrim DS]] 2tab PO Q12 x5-10d
[[Cephalexin]] 500mg PO Q6 x5-10
Clindamycin 450mg PO Q8 x5-10d
'''Diabetic with systemic toxicity'''
[[Vancomycin]] 1g IV
Unasyn 3g IV
Zosyn 3.375g IV
=Environmental Exposure=
==[[Neutropenic Fever]]==
Zosyn 4.5g IV
Meropenem 1g IV
Gentamicin 2mg/kg IV
[[Vancomycin]] 1g IV ''for catheter related infection, colonization with MRSA, [[gram-positive]] culture unknown susceptibility, suspected sepsis''
=[[Post Exposure Prophylaxis]]=
See [[Antibiotics By Diagnosis (Peds)]]
*See [[Initial Antibiotics in Sepsis (Main)]]
=Arthropod and Parasitic Infections=
= See Also =
*[[Antibiotics (Main)]]  
*[[Antibiotics (Main)]]  
*[[Initial Antibiotics in Sepsis]]
*[[Antibiotics by organism]]
*[[Antibiotics by organism]]

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