Colonoscopy complications

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  • Over 85% of the serious colonoscopy complications are reported in patients undergoing colonoscopy with polypectomy (7-fold increase)[1]

Clinical Features

Differential Diagnosis

Undifferentiated lower gastrointestinal bleeding

Diffuse Abdominal pain


  • CBC
  • Coags, T&S if bleeding
  • CXR for free air if concern for perforation
  • CT abdomen/pelvis (if presentation concerning for intra-abdominal bleed, infection, or perforation)


  • PRBC transfusion, reverse coagulopathy if significant bleed
  • Surgery (or IR) consult for possible laparotomy if concern for intra-abdominal bleed, perforation, or abscess
  • Antibiotics if concern for perforation or infection


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  1. Complications of colonoscopy. GASTROINTESTINAL ENDOSCOPY Volume 74, No. 4 : 2011