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After confirming your email address you will be granted a trial period of write access for 2 weeks.

Non Harbor-UCLA EM users are welcome to use this site. We hope to expand WikEM to eventually be used by multiple EM residency programs throughout the U.S. and (where appropriate overlap) internationally. All users who agree to the WikEM disclaimer are welcome to use the mobile software (via iPhone, Blackberry, or other platform) and view the WikEM website as a "Reader."

We think it is important to maintain WikEM data quality and thus are restricting "Writer" access (which allows people to make changes to the content) to medical physicians (senior medical students, residents, or attendings). Persons who are affiliated with the Harbor-UCLA EM Residency Program are given this status automatically. Users who are not affiliated with the Harbor-UCLA EM Residency Program, but are affiliated with or graduates of an ACGME-approved EM residency program, may apply for "Writer" status to be able to make improvements to the site.

To do so such persons must:

1) Update their WikEM profile (via the website) to full, real name (to allow for citation, as in any text, for updates made to the practice notes).

2) Email their full name, the name of the affiliated EM residency program, title/position, and the name and email-address of the residency director (for confirmation).

Please note that we reserve the right to revoke "writer" privileges in the unlikely event that we perceive inappropriate behavior on the WikEM website.