Lemierre's syndrome



  • Very rare, incidence rate of 0.8 cases per million in the general population[2]
  • When diagnosed, mortality is 4.6%[3]

Clinical Features

Example of an intracranial complication: paresis of the abducens nerve (demonstrated in the right eye when looking to the right).

Differential Diagnosis

Acute Sore Throat

Bacterial infections

Viral infections




POCUS shows IJ thrombus[5]
CT of the neck showing partial thrombosis of the right internal jugular vein (black arrow) and complete thrombosis of the right external jugular vein (white arrow).



Diagnostic criteria:

  • History of oropharynx pain within last 4 wks
  • Evidence of IJV thrombophlebitis/carotid sheath
  • Isolation of F. necrophorum from blood
  • Evidence of metastatic infection in another site (lungs)



  • Admit

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