Virginia Commonwealth University Health System

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The Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Emergency Medicine aims to provide the highest quality adult and pediatric emergency patient care, education, and research in Central Virginia. They fulfill mission by

  • Providing care for approximately 95,000 patients per year
  • Providing medical direction to the award-winning Richmond Ambulance Authority and to the pre-hospital systems in the surrounding counties
  • Providing poisoning and toxicology education through the Virginia Poison Center
  • Performing groundbreaking research in resuscitation, cardiology, toxicology, neurology and pre-hospital care
  • Educating future leaders in emergency medicine


  • Department Chair: Joseph Ornato, MD, FACP, FACC, FACEP
  • Program Director: Joel Moll, MD, FACEP
  • Assoc. Program Director: Peter Moffat, MD
  • Asst. Program Director: Stephen Miller, DO
  • EM/IM Program Director: Pawan Suri, MD

Training Locations

Primary Hospital

  • VCU Medical Center

Secondary Hospital

  • Memorial Regional Medical Center

Tertiary Hospital

  • Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center



  • Introduction to Emergency Medicine- 1 month
  • Emergency Medicine--5 rotations
  • Medical Respiratory Intensive Care Unit- 4 weeks
  • Trauma- 4 weeks
  • ED Orthopedic & Procedures- 4 weeks
  • Pediatric Emergency Medicine- 4 weeks
  • Obstetrics- 2 weeks
  • Ultrasonography- 2 weeks
  • Anesthesiology, VA Medical Center- 3 weeks


  • Emergency Medicine--6 rotations
  • Pediatric Emergency Medicine- 4 weeks
  • Community Emergency Medicine- 4 weeks
  • Emergency Medicine, VA Medical Center- 3 weeks
  • Clinical Decision Unit- 3 weeks
  • Advanced Ultrasound- 1 week
  • Medical Toxicology- 3 weeks
  • Surgical Trauma Intensive Care Unit- 4 weeks
  • Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care Unit- 4 weeks
  • Cardiac Intensive Care Unit- 4 weeks


  • Emergency Medicine-9 rotations
  • Pediatric Emergency Medicine
  • Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
  • Trauma Surgical ICU Senior
  • Elective
  • EMS



Contact Information

Kevin Keller, Residency Coordinator

Phone: 804-828-4860

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