ACLS (Main)

See critical care quick reference for drug doses and equipment size by weight. This page is for adult patients. For pediatric patients, see: PALS (Main).


  • A series of clinical algorithms created by the AHA/ASA used in the treatment of cardiovascular/neurological emergencies.
  • Involves airway management, IV access, and ECG interpretation.

ECG Analysis

  • What is the atrial and ventricular rate?
  • Is the rhythm regular or irregular?
    • If irregular, does it follow any repeatable pattern?
  • What is the axis?
    • ERAD often seen in VT but not SVT
  • What is the P wave amplitude, duration, morphology, and synchrony with QRS complex?
    • Is the P wave positive in Lead II
  • What is the QRS complex amplitude, duration, morphology?
  • What is the T wave amplitude, duration, morphology?
    • Is the T wave positive in Lead II
  • What is the length of PR and QT intervals?
  • Is there ST Elevation/Depression or Hyperacute T waves?
    • If yes, does it follow any anatomical pattern or is it diffuse?
  • Is there anything else abnormal about this ECG?
    • Pacemaker Spikes
    • Hypertrophy of atrial/ventricles


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