• Type: Benzodiazepines
  • Dosage Forms: 5,10, 25mg tab
  • Common Trade Names: Librium

Adult Dosing

  • EtOH withdrawal
    • Example taper:
      • Day 1: 50mg q6h
      • Day 2: 25mg q6h
      • Day 3: 25mg q12h
      • Day 4: 25mg at night
      • (Rx fifteen 25mg tabs)
    • Max 300mg per 24 hours

Pediatric Dosing

  • N/A

Special Populations

  • Pregnancy Rating: Category D
  • Lactation risk categories: L4; enters breast milk, not recommended
  • Renal Dosing: CrCl < 10 cc/min : 1/2 normal dose
  • Hepatic Dosing: No specific guidelines. Use caution as hepatically metabolized


  • Allergy to class/drug

Adverse Reactions


  • CNS depression
  • Paradoxical agitation
  • Drug induced EPS
  • Bone marrow suppression, agranulocytosis


  • Drowsiness


  • Time to peak: 0.5-2 h
  • Half-life: Parent compound 6-28 h, demoxepam (metabolite) 14-95 h
  • Metabolism: Hepatic to desmethyldiazepam (active), desmethylchlordiazepoxide, demoxepam
  • Excretion: Urine
  • Mechanism of Action: Benzodiazepines

See Also


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