Cyclic vomiting syndrome


  • Recurrent episodes of vomiting, otherwise normal health in between
  • 32% of patients disabled by illness by time of diagnosis[1]
  • Pathophysiology not well understood
  • Average age at onset ~21yo
  • Females slightly more affected than males
  • Marijuana use is risk factor

Clinical Features

  • Pediatric diagnostic criteria[2]
    • At least 5 episodes or minimum of 3 over 6 mo
    • Nausea/vomitingepisodes lasting 1hr-10d, with 1 week in between
    • Stereotypical pattern and symptoms
    • Return to baseline health in between
    • Symptoms not due to another condition
  • Adult – Rome III criteria [3]
    • Stereotypical episodes of vomiting with acute onset lasting less than 1 week.
    • At least 3 episodes per year.
    • No nausea/vomiting between episodes.
    • Symptoms not due to another cause
  • Symptoms usually begin in early morning or upon waking
  • Prodrome of nausea--> vomiting
  • Episodes peak/decline over ~8h
  • Nausea typically not relieved by vomiting
  • +/-

Differential Diagnosis

Nausea and vomiting







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