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Perkins GD. et al.. "Mechanical versus manual chest compression for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (PARAMEDIC): a pragmatic, cluster randomised controlled trial". Lancet. 2015. 385(9972):947-55.
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Clinical Question

Does prehospital LUCAS-2 mechanical CPR improve survival from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest?


The use of LUCAS-2 in non-traumatic, out-of-hospital cardiac arrests did not show improvement over manual CPR in patient survival to 30 days.

Major Points

  • Survival to 30 days had no difference with 6% (LUCAS-2) vs. 7% (control)
  • No difference in ROSC, survival of event, survival to 3 months, or survival to 12 months
  • Decreased favorable neurologic outcome (CPC 1 or 2) in LUCAS-2 group

Study Design

Pragmatic, cluster randomized, controlled trial


91 ambulance stations (selected for being urban and semi-urban) from 4 UK National Health Service (NHS) Ambulance Services (West Midlands, North East England, Wales, South Central).

Patient Demographics

  • No major differences in baseline characteristics
    • Mean age ~71 years
    • 63% male
    • ~87% presumed cardiac etiology
    • ~82% arrests occurred at home
    • ~62% witnessed arrests
    • ~44% bystander CPR performed before EMS arrival
    • ~6.4 minute response time from call to EMS arrival
    • ~82% given IV medications
    • ~46% intubated
    • ~67% transported to hospital

Inclusion Criteria

  • Vehicle included in trial is first on scene
  • Patient in cardiac arrest outside of a hospital
  • Resuscitation attempted
  • Known or believed to be ≥18 years of age

Exclusion Criteria

  • Cardiac arrest caused by trauma
  • Known or apparent pregnancy



Primary Outcome

Secondary Outcomes

Subgroup analysis

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