ECG Stampede

ECG Stampede.png


A beginner-to-expert curriculum for ECG interpretation. ECG Stampede is a comprehensive course guiding you through critical concepts in understanding and interpreting electrocardiograms. Unlike other ECG textbooks, you won’t have to trudge through dull introductions and whole chapters about ion channels. But don’t worry, no key topics go uncovered as you progress through our ten units.

ECG Stampede is fun and practical - get your pencil (or stylus) ready as we walk you through real case presentations with real ECG’s. You’ll interpret each ECG independently and take a stab at related questions - turn the page to see how you did. Visit to learn more about our video curriculum and to practice your skills on the fly with our ECG Stampede Game.


  • Systematic approach to ECG interpretation
  • Ischemia, infarction and mimics
  • Tachy- and bradyarrhythmias
  • Electrolyte, environmental and toxicologic abnormalities
  • Channelopathies
  • Pacemaker issues