Harbor:911 STEMI out

911 IFT STEMI out to Little Company of Mary Torrance

  • When our cath lab is encumbered and closed to STEMI, must transfer a STEMI patient out via 911 through our InterFacility Transfer to another STEMI Receiving Center.
  • Radio Room binder has instructions, please refer to it with MICN or OCN.
  • Back up to LCM is Torr Memorial
  • Goal to have patient leave wihin 30 min of arrival
  • ED Attending will:
    • Have ECG faxed to LCM 310-303-5609
    • Using the radio room console, call LCM base to confirm they are open to STEMI, and ask to speak to ED physician
    • Present the clinical situation, and request IFT, get accepting physician name
    • Complete the STEMI Transfer Out Form - Referring physician section (located in Radio room)
    • Explain to patient need for transfer, have patient sign EMTALA form, complete info for transfer
    • Request MICN to contact 911 for STEI IFT transport
    • Request ED clerk to print copies of face sheet, ECG to provide EMS.
    • Inform bedside ED RN of impending transfer, provide name of accepting physician at SRC