Harbor:AB 2760: Naloxone for patients at risk for opioid overdose

Requires providers to offer a prescription for naloxone (or other reversal agent) when

  1. Prescribing ≥90 morphine milligram equivalents/day (for example, 9 Norco 10/325 tabs/day) Here is a link to the CDC tool for daily opioid dose calculations: https://www.cdc.gov/drugoverdose/pdf/calculating_total_daily_dose-a.pdf, or
  2. When co-prescribing an opiate with a benzodiazepine.
  3. 'Even when not prescribing opioids if the patient just has a history of overdose or substance use disorder', or if the patient is at risk for returning to a high dose of opioid medication to which he or she is no longer tolerant. Cal/ACEP is looking further into this latter provision but for now, it’s the law.
  • At Harbor, we have naloxone intranasal on formulary.
  • Can also give naloxone intranasal to go (supply in Purple doc box)
    • Further, if a prescription for naloxone (or other reversal agent) is given, the provider must educate the patient (or someone designated by the patient) on overdose prevention and how to use naloxone (or other reversal agent). To help you with that requirement, below is a link to a sample patient education handout, which includes naloxone information. Patient Handout. We are working making this flyer available at each clerk’s station and in the doc boxes, and there are similar naloxone instructions in ORCHID.
  • .ednaloxoneEDdistribution - when given home packet from ED
  • .ednaloxoneprescribed - when given Rx
  • .ednaloxonedeclined - when pt declines