Who to call

  • 7a-8a - hold for CORE NP at 8a
  • 8a-4:30p - CORE NP - Orchid autopage (p1687)
  • 4:30-5:30 - CORE Fellow - p0135
  • Signout time ~5:30p-6p - signout from CORE to ED Hospitalist
  • Night 6p - 7a: ED Hospitalist; p204-9753 ... CORE attending available for questions 24/7

Kaji/Bui, 4/15/2021


  • Any OOP patients needing observation or CORE services should be transferred to an in-network hospital if they are stable
  • Admit CORE patients to Cardiology during day time hours, or the covering ED hospitalist after hours.
  • COREidiosyncrasies
    • Admit for non-CHF edema, anasarca (abdominal or scrotal edema), or requiring significant diuresis (>10kg)
    • Psych can consult in CORE, or patient can be discharged from CORE to psych ED on patients requiring cardiac clearance


  • If estimated <2 midnight stay, place in CORE
    • Admit any patients with anasarca (including abdominal or scrotal edema)
  • If estimated >2 midnight stay:
    • Admit to IM/FM (tele/PCU) if all of the following are met:
      • Low suspicion for ACS (as determined by ED attending)
      • HR < 110
      • BP > 110
      • Creatinine <2.0 (unless ESRD on HD)
      • No BiPAP required at any time in the ED
    • Admit to C-team if the above criteria are not met or the patient needs ICU care

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