Harbor:DHS-Eligible patient needing Primary Care

  • Only arrange PCP referrals if discharging from ED
  • Needs to establish a PCP

DHS eligible PCP follow up options.png

    • Urgent PCP need, refer to Continuity Care Clinic (CCC) [insert link]
    • Routine PCP follow up
      • 3 options:
  1. NERF
  2. Clinic lists, English list File:Primary Clinic Care Listing_ENG v7 5.13.2020 compressed.pdf, Spanish list File:Primary Clinic Care Listing v6_SP 5.13.2020 compressed.pdf
  3. Go to Patient Relations in Rm 1-B-1 during business hours and leaves with appointment in hand with PCP (don’t NERF)
  • Empaneled with a PCP
  1. Instruct the patient to follow up with their empaneled provider
  2. Use the 'communicate' tool to send a message to the empaneled provider listed in the banner bar
  3. Write a brief message explaining why and when the patient needs follow up
  4. Their empaneled provider can initiate e-consults if applicable
  5. Empaneled providers are automatically notified of ED visits but you can still message them with any specific concerns