Ordering Durable Medical Equipment (DME)[1]

  1. Order in ORCHID is "DME subphase." Items can be selected from a list of available supplies or enter item under ‘Misc’. MD also enters an end date, quantity, or refill amount.
  2. Call Durable Medical Equipment (DME) office at x64292 (p0623) Frank and provide patient’s MRN. Hours Mon-Fri 8 am to 5 pm, office is 1-G-13 (near old Ped ED, current Heart Station)
  3. Frank prints the ORCHID script and faxes to patient’s insurance company. DME will be delivered directly to patient’s address in approximately 4-5 days. If necessary, ensure patient has some supplies until delivery starts.
  4. After hours or weekends: can contact Supercare (the DME supply company) at 800-206-4880. Can deliver to ED (may not be right away) or patient home.


  • first, MD enters prescription in ORCHID. Then call Frank who is with DME medical supply company - see above - during business hours - ext 5497.
  • if during business hours and no reply from Frank, consult s/w. s/w may help get patient home and then arrange for home walker delivery (see bullet a. - it may take a few days for insurance to approve). insurance may pay for it - but it may take a while
  • if after hours, there is a limited supply of walkers for use after hours when DME office is closed. Ask Charge Nurse to obtain from Nursing Supply Office.
  • if all else fails and pt is unsafe to go home, then we must place the patient in obs


  • same as above, except we do not have a secret stash

Other DME

  • process is same - except for supplies - patients will not get delivery for 4-5 days - so make sure they have 4-5 day supply when they go home.

Home Oxygen

  • enter DME order, then call Frank during business hours. Off hours, consider obs placement.

TLSO Braces[3]

  • Enter order for "DME Brace" in Orchid, noting "TLSO" in special instructions; Can also search for "Orthotics" or "Prosthetics"
  • Call Jack Schwartz or Denise Leiter @ Lerman & Son at 310.659.2290 (fax 310.659.1601) to confirm order received; provide the patient's height and weight
    • The vendor will deliver the item, provide training, and complete the task in Orchid

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