Harbor:Discrepancy Review Process

Review Process

  • ENTERING ED PRELIM Read on non-contrast head CT's ONLY:
    • “ED Prelim - WNL. Peterson 2320x”
    • “ED Prelim - Small SDH R parietal area. Peterson 2320x”
    • Be sure to click the button that says “Add new note” to enter your read.
  • REVIEWING PRELIM DISCREPANCY LIST (QI function) Starting 10/1/18
    • Synapse: DHS Enterprise Synapse => Conferences => Critical Findings => Ed Discrepancy
      • If "Status" column says "completed", no further action needed
    • Open radiology file
    • Determine if discrepancy requires further action. Discuss with ED attending as needed
    • Place note titled "Radiology Discrepancy Review" in patient's medical record describing action taken:
      • I.e.: "CT Head from ED visit xx/xx/xx originally read as negative shows subacute cerebellar infarct. Patient needs an MRI, but transferred to outside hospital before one was done here. Called patient at xxx-xxx-xxxx, left message to call back at x3900-23202. Telegram sent. Discussed with Dr. Peterson"
      • If no further action needed - note this in discrepancy review note.
        • "Discrepancy on CT Head from xx/xx/xx noted - requires no further action. Discussed with Dr. Chappell"
    • When f/up is finished, please mark as completed: Right click on case => shortcut status => completed
    • File should be checked once per day for new cases.

Peterson/Chappell 10/1/18

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