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ECG Screening by Providers

  • CP patients from Triage get ECG in RME 1.
  • ECG tech hands ECG to Provider.
  • Who can sign ECG's electronically:
    • ED Attendings and PGY-4's can sign electronically ("No STEMI Activation")
    • NP's can sign electronically in ORCHID only for ECGs that say “Normal Sinus Rhythm.”
      • For ECGs that say anything else, if the ECG is already uploaded into ORCHID, the NP can call an ED attending (x23202 or 23206) for the electronic ECG screen
      • If the ECG is not yet uploaded, the NP need to hand to an ED attending who will perform the electronic ECG screen.
    • PGY 1-3's can only visually review the ECG but then must hand off to or call an Attending or R4 to sign electronically

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