Harbor:Hip fractures

  • Low Energy Mechanism (ground level fall)
    • Age >/=65: Admit to IM/FM with Ortho & Anesthesia consults
      • Courtesy consult to Anesthesia (23335 daytime, 23337 after 6p) for fascia iliaca block (should not delay admission process)
      • Any ED faculty comfortable placing a fascia iliaca block may perform it PRIOR to Ortho evaluation of the patient
    • <65 without ACTIVE medical issues (medical co-morbidities requiring active management): Admit to Ortho with Anesthesia consult
    • <65 with active complicating medical conditions: Trauma has right of refusal; if cleared by Trauma, admit to IM/FM; Anesthesia consult regardless of admitting service
  • High energy mechanism or distal femur fracture: Trauma with Ortho & Anesthesia consults