Harbor:How to submit CCC referral

  • Fill out ‘ED Post Visit Plan’ in the Depart Process. Select ‘PVCC/CCC – Har’ and fill out the form to put patient on their tracking list. Make sure there is a correct phone number.
  • Forgot to do the form, patient off the tracking board?
    • Highlight your patient on the “HAR Look Up” track
    • Click ‘Patient Actions’ --> 'Request Event' then request BOTH:
      • ‘Post Visit PVCC’ for adult patients or ‘Post Visit Peds’ for peds patients,
      • ‘Post Visit - HAR Lab’ event to put the patient on the follow up track.
        • Then click on the depart button to add the details of what you want reviewed
      • If you placed the form by accident, cancel the PVCC form or place ‘in error’ notification. Example, if patient doesn’t get discharged from ED, need to cancel PVCC form if placed earlier.
  • Finish your ED Provider Note. CCC can’t do anything until you’ve finished your note!