Harbor:MAC Transfer Burn or Replant

Higher level of care transfers to Burn Center or Replant Center:

  • Typically Transfer Center/Medical Alert Center (MAC) helps us transfer these patients to LAC+USC ED for Burn patients, or finger/hand replant patients
  • Burn Center patients meeting Burn Center Criteria, activate as TTA2
    • If patient has outside insurance (OOP), could also consider other Burn Centers in the area via UR coordinated transfer
  • Replant candidates, activate as TTA2 and consult Hand Call (Rotates between Ortho or Plastics)
    • See Harbor:Replantation_Patients for details
    • Hand Call resident here must have phone discussion through MAC with the LAC+USC Hand surgeon
    • If patient is NOT accepted by LAC+USC Hand surgeon, but Hand Call here thinks should be considered a candidate for replant, then can still send patient over with escalation to the LAC+USC CMO and MAC AOD
    • After in-person eval, if outside Hand Surgeon still deems patient NOT a replant candidate, then patient can be sent back to Harbor ED.

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