This is the main page for Harbor-UCLA emergency department; See Pediatric ED for the main Harbor pediatric page.

Admin Updates

  • New central line kits - more inclusive, just need to get sterile gloves. See [here] for details.
  • Synapse got a new look. See link for details. A one-page intro guide are available on DHS SharePoint
    • Alt+C still works to compare studies.
    • Open the PowerJacket (folder icons) and then you can pull up the read on 'reports'. Click the dropdown to switch from 'report' to 'notes' to find a free text prelim read.
    • Change your default settings to what PowerJacket looks like and select ‘Notes’ and ‘Reports’ to always open so you can see prelim and final reads, respectively.
  • Patient Relations Representatives (PRR) 3p-2a, 7days a week – call Registration for PRR who can help empanel into DHS or change empanelment/network in real time in the ED. PRR can come to bedside to meet with patient or send patient to Registration Windows. During business hours, send patient to Patient Relations Office in Rm 1-B-1.

  • Active Threat in the ED
    • Situational awareness
      • Stand between door and patient
      • Ensure patient is gowned
      • Be aware of long stethoscope, lanyard, long hair, etc
      • Panic buttons at nursing stations/router
      • Run & scream for help
    • Hospital Codes
      • Gold x111 - combative/agitated patient
      • Gray x64450 - combative/agitated NON-patient
      • Silver x111 - weapon, active shooter, hostage

General Administrative

Ambulance (EMS) Triage

Administrative duties

Administrative resources

RME & triage

Harbor ED policy manual

ED attending on call plan

Harbor Legal

Managing your Patient


On shift (PC) Cheat Sheet

Paging consultants

Phone numbers

Radiology directory

Tests & Orders


Radiology Hours

[Radiology Directory]

Urgent Outpatient IR


Upload Outside Films to PACS

  • Get form from clerk
  • Put patient sticker on Form
  • Check "Import"
  • Sign

Get Images on Disc (For DC or Transfer)

  • Same as upload EXCEPT
    • Check "Export"
    • Write time frame on form you want studies from

Blood products


Finding Equipment/DME

ED supplies A-Z


Special patient types

Code Activations

PE Response Team

Social Work

Opiate Withdrawal/MAT/BUP

Harbor:Alcohol Use Disorder/Withdrawal Treatment

Harbor:Stimulant Use Disorder Treatment

Baby Safe Surrender Program

Reporting to DCFS

Placement patients

Harbor: Identifying Jane/John Doe, finding next of kin tips

Psych Patients (& Exodus)

Scheduled dialysis patients in ED

NFL Injured Player/Staff Protocol


Sepsis core measures

Occupational Exposure

Sexual Assault/STI Exposure (SART)

Infectious Disease Threats

Patient Disposition


ED Follow-Up Options

DC with meds in ED

  • Eye drops (vanco & tobra) and STI prophylaxis for home
  • HIV prophylaxis for sexual assault patients (raltegravir and Truvada)

Transportation Needs

Social EM resources


Admission Guidelines

Interqual Criteria Tips

Interqual Override Notes

Right level of care


Dialysis in the ED

Other Disposition

Transferring a patient


Disaster & Surge

Resident Education

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