Harbor:Medical Legal Partnership

  • Do you have a patient that has legal problems and could use help?
  • IF THERE IS A PROBLEM BETWEEN TWO PARTIES: PATIENT HAVING A CONFLICT WITH SOMEONE (employer, landlord, benefits office, the government etc.)
  • Please refer them to our Medical Legal Practice Team
  • Our team provides FREE legal services for:
    • Employment Rights (e.g. fired for disability or pregnancy or caregiving)
    • Public Benefit Denials & Overpayments (Medi-Cal, Food Stamps, CalWorks, SSI, Disability benefits, etc.)
    • Power of Attorney, Advanced Healthcare Directives & Wills
    • Domestic Violence
    • Debt & Consumer Fraud
    • Landlord Issues & Housing Protection
    • Resources for Family Law & Immigration
    • And more!
  • How to Refer:
  • Let patient know, "There's a free program at our hospital that gives you access to a lawyer that might be able to help you. Is it okay to

refer you to them? They'll call you to in a couple business days to schedule an appointment."

  • ORCHID Communicate: (preferred)
    • Select "Pool." Search for "Harbor MLP"
    • “I am referring this patient to the MLP for _____” (description can be brief), indicate if it is urgent
  • OR call x67205. Patients can also call themselves, please send message as FYI
    • can also refer through a SW consult
  • OR email harbormclp@dhs
  • Open to walk ins. Located in MFI/Professional Building Women's Clinic Suite 1300, Tues and Thurs 830a-4p
  • Can see documentation in ORCHID under social work progress notes - MLP Note

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