Harbor:OOP follow up options

  • If no emergent need for Same Day or Next Day Specialty Clinic Follow Up, then follow up in home county / country for referral or have patient call 2-1-1 or One Degree (1degree.org)
  • For routine primary care needs (PCP) then send patient back to health plan to arrange follow up.
  • [Patient wants to switching to DHS]
  • For urgent specialist follow up w/in 2 weeks,
  • OOP: refer patient back to their health plan / PCP for referral
    • Exception: complication within 30 days of an emergent operation / procedure done at Harbor
    • Exception: pediatric orthopedic follow-up for a patient that was seen by orthopedics and reduced / splinted or casted (link for ped ortho f/u instructions)
    • Potential exception: Pediatric CCS Follow Up