Harbor:Opiate Withdrawal/MAT/BUP

MAT/BUP/Opiate Withdrawal

Patient MAT/Buprenorphine Follow Up Options

Insurance Clinic Hours
DHS Empaneled to Internal Med or DHS Eligible Primary Care & Diagnostic Center (PCDC) - Basement Clinic C

1000 W Carson St
Torrance, CA 90502
(424) 306-4546

ED provider to submit PVCC/CCC form" or

Walk-In: Monday AM or Thursday AM
For questions, please message Chris O. Brown, MD via ORCHID/Outlook

DHS Empaneled to Fam Med or DHS Eligible Lomita Fam Med Clinic

1430 W Lomita Blvd, 2nd Floor
Harbor City, CA 90710
(310) 602-2600
(424) 306-4193 - SUD Counselor

Walk-In: Tuesday AM or Friday AM

For questions, please message Gloria Sanchez, MD via ORCHID/Outlook

DHS Empaneled, DHS Eligible, MyHealthLA, Uninsured (No OOP) LAC+USC Urgent Care

2051 Marengo St, 2nd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90033
(323) 409-1000


Tuesday-Thursday & Saturday

All Patients Tarzana Treatment Center

5190 Atlantic Blvd
Long Beach, CA 90805
(818) 654-3933



All patients can call the Substance Abuse Service Hotline 24/7 for more help (844) 804-7500

  • Please refer all DHS unempaneled patients with substance use disorder (SUD) started on medication assisted treatment (MAT) to PVCC/CCC – Har for enrollment in Dr. Brown's addiction clinic
    • In the "For referral, specify need" box: "MAT for opiate dependency"
      • Qualifying patients
        • Active withdrawal or post-overdose: start buprenorphine in ED via buprenorphine protocol
        • Not in active withdrawal but with opioid use disorder: Rx for home start using home initiation protocol
  • Empaneled patients: Patients with chronic pain and opioid dependence, message PCP to refer patients into a MAT clinic, AND CC Christopher Brown AND Gloria Sanchez to link patient to Harbor SUD clinics
  • Empaneled to Lomita/Fam Med, then message/consult FM MAT (see below) to get referral into FAM MAT clinic.
  • For pregnant patients - once the primary complaint is addressed (or if primary complaint is pregnant and opiate use disorder/withdrawal), if patient has confirmed IUP please send to OB triage for initiation of Suboxone during pregnancy
  • Additional resources:
    • FM MAT Inpatient Consult Service - opiate and meth use (excludes isolated EtOH use)
      • For patients 16y/o and older
        • Mon-Thur 8a-4p p0990 or call (310) 697-6030
        • Message Center: Yvettte Cerna
        • If afterhours, MAT team will call patient for follow up
        • Flyer: FM MAT Consult Service.pdf
    • MAT Provider Consult Line
      • DHS on-call providers available to help initiate MAT for patients with alcohol and/or opioid use disorder

Narcan Distribution from ED

  • Available for any patients that meet criteria for Narcan distribution and would benefit from distribution
    • In Code White cabinet in purple doc box, next to the adult airway cabinet, requires key from either senior resident phones or either attending phones
    • Please initial to log the distribution on the clipboard attached, no PHI is required
  • All patients distributed Narcan also need it prescribed to the pharmacy for tracking purposes
  • Please document as you otherwise would for prescribing Narcan, with the addition of .ednaloxonegiven in your note, which can soon be replaced by .naloxoneEDdistribution
  • How to use intranasal narcan
  • Faculty/Resident Sponsors: Wu/Golden (2021)

BUP/MAT Treatment and Discharge Pathway

Patient Discharge Handout

BUP Home Initiation

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