Harbor:PC Cheat Sheet


  • For consults:
    • Place order for consult in quick orders tab; these orders are located in the right hand column of the quick orders page
      • Auto-page consults: enter ONLY your callback number
      • If the desired specialty doesn't receive auto-page consults: after placing order, enter your page through the Harbor Alpha Page link on the intranet home page

Order Sets

  • Within the quick orders tab, use the "Search for new order" bar at the top of the third column
    • ED focused order sets generally start with "ED "
      • i.e., "ED Chest Pain," "ED Trauma," "ED Intubation"
      • ICU Therapeutic Hypothermia Targeted Temperature Management
      • ICU Vasopressors Subphase
      • ICU Anti-Hypertensive Medications
      • Med TB Sputum AFB Bundle
      • Med Insulin One Time Dose
      • Med or Ped Med/Surg IV Fluid Subphase
      • ED Holding orders: Don’t forget you can write holding orders for admitted patients past the 2 hour window.
      • ED Sepsis Screening and Management Bundle: Has recommended antibiotics based on source of infection, labs, and IVF orders. Don’t forget to use the .sepsis autotext phrases as well for documentation requirements.
    • Select "Modify order" and select the components of the order set you need

Bedside US

  • Place order for study from within the quick orders page
    • Located at the bottom of the second column
      • Orders titled "ED US __"
  • Open the US machine, end the current study and select "New patient"
  • Select "Update" from the list of tabs along the bottom of the screen (this may take a minute to appear)
  • Select your patient from the list
  • Perform POCUS study, freeze and save images with necessary measurements
  • Review images and delete inadequate or poor quality images prior to placing US machine back in charging dock
  • Select "New patient/End Study" to end the current study and automatically upload images

Placing in Obs

Observation/Short Stay Admit

Placing in CORE

  • Cardiology Observation Rapid Evaluation CORE


  • Place order for interqual request to initiate utilization review process of evaluation for admission vs transfer
  • When green "Met" icon appears on tracking list indicating able to admit to Harbor:
  • Write the patient's name and MRN in the aluminum Admissions binder next to the AED Clerk, in the next available time slot that has not yet passed
  • Page the admitting resident at the number provided
  • Inpatient hospitalists admit on Tuesdays and Saturdays, this information is also in the aluminum binder
  • Transfers
    • EMTALA form - go to depart process and change drop down to EMTALA form then print and fill out with transfer facility name and accepting provider. Have patient sign.
    • Order “Transport patient between facilities”

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