Harbor:Pediatric ED (main)

See Adult ED for the main adult Harbor page. This is the main page for Harbor-UCLA Pediatric ED; See [Harbor:Main|Adult ED]] for the main Harbor Adult ED page.

Message of the Moment

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General Administrative

Managing your Patient


  • Use the Peds ED tab on Cerner Place Orders for PED quick orders
    • For medication orders
      • Remember that pediatric medications are often dosed on a per kg basis
      • Cerner does not automatically stop at a maximum dose, so check that you are not ordering more than an adult dose
    • Separate Saline Lock order is not needed if you are ordering an IV medication or IV bolus
      • If you are ordering a blood draw and want an IV also, must separately order saline lock
  • Ordering a Formal Ultrasound
  • Ultrasound approval list
  • Ordering a CT
  • Ordering Blood Products
  • Ordering antibiotics



Finding Things

Special patient types

  • For patients followed in a pediatric subspecialty clinic, particularly Hematology-Oncology & Cardiology, call the subspecialist on call to notify them of the patient's ED visit
  • Psychiatric patients

Patient Disposition

Discharging a Patient

Admitting a patient



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