Harbor:Radiology directory

Radiology Directory

[Radiology Hours] Note: All 5-digit extensions begin with 424-30.

  • Arthrograms and Joint Aspirations: p0397
  • Breast Diagnostic Center: x68178
  • CT Body Reading Room and Approvals: x65141
  • CT Neuro Reading Room and Approvals: x64744
  • CT ER Tech: x65245
  • CT Inpatient Techs (Old ER): x64030
  • CT Outpatient Techs (Basement): x68239
  • Diagnostic Radiology On Call: p5814
    • 4pm-8am on weekdays
    • Weekends, holidays, 12pm-1pm
    • for diagnostic radiology and approvals
  • Fluoroscopy/GI Radiology: p5814
  • IR (biopsies, drains, aspirations): p0397 (p5423 on weekends, holidays, after hours on weekdays)
  • IR (everything else): x64723 (p5423)
  • Mammography: x63242
  • MRI Body/MSK: x64830
  • MRI Neuro: x64744 (AM) or x64830 (PM)
  • MRI ER Trailer Tech: x64899
  • Nighthawk: 866-448-7762 (Final Reports Friday 4pm to Sunday 8pm and on holidays)
  • Nuclear Medicine (please call when ordering any inpatient or ER study): x64750
  • Pediatric Radiology Resident: p4126
  • Pediatric Radiology Attending (CHLA): 323-361-3577
  • Ultrasound Reading Room: x64765
  • X-ray Reading Room: p5814
  • X-ray Techs: x64723
  • X-ray Urgent Care (Room 105): x64135