Harbor:SB 1152 - 2019 California homeless patient discharge planning law

Goal of CA law is to connect homeless patients to resources while in the ED

  1. Consult social work as early as possible once you have identified a homeless patient ("HL" icon).
  2. Infectious disease (ID) screening and vaccinations are now mandated by law, so based on current ID concerns, please document that you offered Hep A, Influenza, or COVID vaccines to those that qualify.
  3. If medically appropriate, please order a meal prior to discharge.
  4. RNs and SWs can give weather appropriate clothing, housing/shelter resources (packet by clerk's station also)


  • New definition of homeless:
    • Lack fixed and regular nighttime residence
    • Primary nighttime residence in supervised area or area not designed for living/sleeping
    • Examples: Car, shelters, tent, hotel, street, beach, park, abandoned building, bus/train station, etc.
  • Offer meal - please order of medically appropriate: Provider and RN
  • Offer weather appropriate clothing - SW and RN
  • Discharge meds or prescriptions - Provider
  • Referral for follow up care - Provider
  • Offer infectious disease screening and vaccinations: Currently, Hep A vaccine to address local outbreak. Provider and RN.
  • Offer transportation: bus tokens from social work, House Supervisor, Registration
  • Screening for affordable healthcare coverage: Patient Financial Services (PFS), Registration
  • Identify post-discharge destination: SW
  • Communicate discharge needs to receiving entity: SW

More info: https://californiaacep.site-ym.com/page/Legislation_Implementation