Harbor:Transportation Needs

    • 8a-5p - send to Social Work Office
    • Nights/weekends/holidays - ED RN can get from the House Supervisor x65620 or spectra 23721 who will deliver the voucher to the ED
  • TAXI VOUCHERS: Must have a place to go with keys/someone home, or a shelter where patient is already accepted
    • Daytime - call Social Work to facilitate
    • Night/Weekend/Holidays - call house supervisor x65620 or spectra 23721 who will deliver the voucher to the ED
      • RN calls taxi - must notify taxi if needs wheelchair accessibility (Yellow Cab @ 310-533-6800)
      • RN takes the patient to the hospital nursing office; taxi driver comes to nursing office to sign paperwork and pick up the patient
    • Similar to above Taxi Vouchers
    • Available to patient's without insurance who do not have other transportation options
  • AMBULANCE: for patients that have a medical necessity (cannot ambulate, here w/o wheel chair, etc) and medically cannot take a taxi
  • ED RN & area clerk to coordinate with insurance (if applicable)
  • If patient is UNINSURED (including restricted Medi-Cal) - use county transport to get an ambulance home
    • UR & SW can get involved if issues
    • If patient lives outside of LA County, call nursing supervisor or SW as they may need further authorization
      • Joy Lagrone can authorize county transport as a last resort
  • Kids without car seats: For kids who arrive (usually by ambulance) w/o a car seat, we do not have car seats available. however, options are:
  1. Take the bus home (no need for car seat)
  2. Have someone bring a car seat and pick them up or go home in a taxi with the car seat that is brought in
  3. If either of above options is not possible, may try arranging for ambulance (see section above)