• We have access to Radiation Therapy (XRT) for ED patients, outpatients, and inpatients at Harbor,
  • Patients should only be transferred for this therapy after consultation with Dr. Sila or a member of his group. In this case, Dr. Sila or a member of his group will participate in the discussion with the accepting physician and facilitate the transfer.
  • These services, including telephone consultation to assess the need for urgent or emergency XRT, is now being provided by a contracted provider/group with access to state-of-the-art XRT facilities for patients who need this service
  • Harbor has contracted centers that can provide radiation including IMRT, 3D conformal, Stereotactic radiotherapy (including stereotactic body radiation therapy for vertebral body metastases) and stereotactic radiotherapy. Dr. Sila can arrange for all platforms linear accelerator, gamma knife etc. and our patients can be seen at Disney Cancer Center for state-of-the-art stereotactic services.
  • We have tried to streamline the process for the provider. Behind the scenes, any transfer to LAC+USC will involve a discussion between the hospital leadership at LAC and Harbor that Dr. Sila will ensure occurs.


  1. If you believe a patient needs urgent or emergent XRT, contact Dr. Chad Sila via cell phone at 909-746-7556. A provider is available 24/7 and will be able to help determine the need for XRT, arrange outpatient care, or help to arrange transfers when that is necessary
  2. Depending on clinical circumstances
    • For outpatient XRT: Dr. Sila can arrange services at our local contracted facilities.
    • For inpatient or emergent XRT: Dr. Sila can arrange for transfer to LAC-USC Medical Center. At this time, inpatient XRT is not available at Harbor.

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