Scrotal anatomy
Scrotal anatomy
  • A collection of blood outside of the testicle within the scrotal sac (in the tunica vaginalis)
  • Most commonly caused by trauma or surgery

Clinical Features

Massive hemoscrotum (scrotal hematoma) which occurred as a complication of inguinal hernia repair. The scrotum was explored surgically, and a drain was left behind (seen on the right thigh).
  • Scrotal pain/swelling

Differential Diagnosis

Testicular Diagnoses


Scrotal ultrasonography of a hematocele, a couple of weeks after appearance, as a fluid volume with multiple thick septations. The hematocele displays no blood flow on Doppler ultrasonography. A pyocele has a similar appearance, but was excluded by lack of inflammation.
  • Scrotal ultrasound with doppler


  • Supportive care


  • If isolated hematocele, likely outpatient follow-up

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