Mycobacterium marinum


  • Atypical Mycobacterium species found in fresh or salt water (cold or warm)
  • Bacteria that causes "fish tank Granuloma"
  • Can infect both immunocompetent and immunocompromised hosts
  • M. marinum is generally not found in chlorinated swimming pools[1]

Risk Factors

  • Aquarium workers and enthusiasts
  • Swimming
  • Handling of contaminated water

Clinical Features

Fish tank granuloma. [2]
Fish tank granuloma spreading via lymphatic channels.
  • Solitary to multiple superficial red nodules or plaques in exposed areas
    • Lesions on the hands and fingers if works with aquariums, or the knees and elbows in swimmers
  • Ascending lymphangitis that resembles sporotrichosis

Differential Diagnosis

Skin and Soft Tissue Infection



  • Clinical diagnosis in ED
  • Can be aided by histopathology
  • If there is an affected joint it is important to evaluate for a septic arthritis
  • If there are draining wounds consider imaging and evaluate for osteomyelitis


  1. Long-term antibiotic therapy (2-18 weeks)
  2. Warm compresses (bacterium is heat-sensitive)


  • Unless the patient has evidence of sepsis, severe pain, or has other severe complicating medical problems, outpatient treatment is acceptable.

Clinical Course

  • M marinum infection may result in non-healing ulcers or a septic arthritis.
  • Aggressive or long standing . marinum infection may cause severe osteomyelitis requiring surgical debreedment

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