Software development

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Daniel Ostermayer, MD is our Head of WikEM Software Development. If you are interested in helping develop WikEM, we would love your help! We are looking for software developers, experienced system administrators, and users to help beta test.

Technical Support

WikEM Development Projects

  • iOS Application (iPhone, iPod Touch)
  • Android Application
  • Wiki-Mobile application interface
  • WikEM MediaWiki Server
  • Beta Testing New Releases

Contributing to the iOS Application

Please contact to join development efforts for the mobile application. or join our Telegram channel

Wiki-Mobile Interface

Currently, we utilize a server script which parses the wikem wiki and generates an XML database for the mobile clients. Our wiki is built upon the MediWiki project, and the XML database is generated using a php script. If you have experiencing in managing web services, mobile applications, and would like to contribute to this area, please post a message in our forum:

MediaWiki Server

We encourage users who are interested in adding wiki features to contribute directly to the mediawiki project ( so that your features will be available to the entire wiki community.

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