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The University of Virginia provides a three year training program committed to developing well-rounded emergency physicians who will excel in their medical careers. At the University of Virginia the goal is to introduce residents to a broad range of educational opportunities allowing them to explore and develop career paths according to their clinical interests.

The University of Virginia provides a practic location where there are immense and diverse opportunities. As a Level 1 trauma center and tertiary referral center, the University allows access to routine and complex pathology.


  • Department Chair: Robert E. O'Connor MD
  • Program Director: Amita Sudhir MD
  • Associate/Assistant Program Director: Nathan Charlton
  • Associate/Assistant Program Director: Chris Thom, MD
  • Research Director: Mark Sochor MD

Training Locations

Primary Hospital

  • University of Virginia Health System

Secondary Hospital

  • Culpeper Regional Hospital, Culpepper,VA
  • St. Mary's Hospital, Richmond, VA



  • Intro Emergency Med (4w)
  • EM (19w)
  • Trauma ICU (4w)
  • MICU (4w)
  • Anesthesiology (4w)
  • Pediatric Surgery (4w)
  • General Medicine (4w)
  • EMS (4w)
  • Ultrasound (2w)
  • Cardiology Consults (3w)


  • Emergency Medicine (28w)
  • Toxicology (4w)
  • Orthopedics (4w)
  • Surgical ICU (4w)
  • Community/Rural EM (Culpeper - 4w)
  • Community Pediatric EM (St Marys - 4w)
  • Research (2-3w)
  • Obstetrics (1-2w)


  • Emergency Medicine (36w)
  • Trauma ICU (4w)
  • PEDS ICU (4w)
  • Electives (8w)


  • International EM
  • Ultrasound
  • EMS Elective
  • Palliative Care
  • Pediatrics
  • Medical Toxicology
  • Ophthalmology Clinic
  • Emergency Radiology
  • Critical Care/ICU
  • Malpractice case review
  • Flexible and can design own unique experience


  • Administrative
  • Cardiovascular Emergencies
  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
  • Medical Education
  • Medical Toxicology
  • Research
  • Ultrasound

Contact Information

Aileen Watchko, Residency Coordinator

Phone: +1-434-982-1800

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