Dac Teoli

Dac Teoli, MD

Assistant Editor Emeritus, WikEM
Chief Resident at RCH / UC Riverside.


Dac is completing his Emergency Medicine training at University of California, Riverside. He completed his Medical Degree at the University of Pittsburgh. He was recognized with satisfying an official Area of Concentration in neuroscience and was one of several to be institutionally awarded a Certificate of Merit & Excellence for his research pursuits.
He is a FAER Fellow and additionally holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from West Virginia University. He majored in Marketing and was chosen for The PNC Roll of Academic Excellence, and also honored through the Business School by being named as the Student Marshal of his graduating class.
Before pursuing medicine, he spent several years working in the public health academic sector with investigations focusing on adolescent and young adult self-rated health, self-efficacy, and health outcomes. His research was published while he authored the first dedicated children's textbook on public health. More recent studies have expanded to both midlife and advanced age populations.
Dac is current executive director of California's emergency medicine residents' organization (CEMRO), co-founder of The anonEMous Network, and Resident Delegate for California, District II.
Dac's professional interests include palliative medicine, administration, medical device development, and psychosocial research.