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Senior Assistant Editor

Hey John, you're eligible to be a Senior Assistant Editor now. Just put a bio on your user page (like the other editor's) and email Dan ( to sign up to the editor account on Slack. Thanks for all the contributions! -Ross

Section Editors

Hey John, thanks for keeping up all the great work. Would you like to become a Section Editor? Make sure you sign up for the editor listserve and let me know what section you'd like to keep tabs on (while feeling free to make edits in any). -Ross

Resident Editor

Hi John, thanks for all the great edits. You've made it to Resident Editor status! Keep up the great work. -Ross

Template: Vaccination schedule

John, we can use templates to abstract content and then embed in other articles. the vaccine schedule might be useful as a template.

You can insert <nowiki>Template:TemplateName</nowiki into articles to bring in that content.