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Hey, I think the Contribution Score is not updating on the 2013-2014 category. Jonathan Osgood has a score of 20 for the last 30 days, but is not listed on the 2013-2014 category.-Ross

Hey, we need a new Journal Club article of the month ( Alternatively, in stead of keeping this section up to date, we could just have a page that automatically updates a list of the most recently completed journal club articles.

-->The Complete Articles articles page should auto updated with completed artilces. All we have to do with the Journal_Club_Articles is change the article of the month text. -Dan

software improvements

Leave any suggestions below

1.any way we can integrate an automated calculation function into the wiki? (Ie for calculation of dosages based on kg weight)? unsure as to what effectively this would entail from a coding standpoint.


There is no great way to have automatic calculations since the text on a wiki is unstructured except for defined expressions Daniel Ostermayer (talk)