Vestibular papillomatosis

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  • Normal anatomical variant commonly mistaken for genital warts/herpes
  • Benign and asymptomatic, present in ~1% of women

Clinical Features

Benign vulvar vestibular papillomatosis.
  • Linear, pink, papules symmetrically on the inner aspect of labia minora
  • Papules are easily separated at the base

Differential Diagnosis


Usually clinical

  • Contrast with others:
    • Condyloma acuminata lesions extend outside the vestibule and fuse at the base
    • Vulvar neoplasia has variable presentations but most likely to present as one unique patch - decision to refer for biopsy depends on clinical presentation
    • Genital herpes usually presents with itch, progression from erythematous to vesicular lesions, then rupture forming superficial ulcers
    • Condylomata lata typically involves labia majora and anus


  • Normal variant


  • Discharge


  • Camilla Salvini, MD and Angelina De Magnis, MD. Multiple papillae on labia minora. CMAJ. 2008 Oct 7; 179(8): 799–800.